Gohl Clinic Testimonials

Dr. Kametz initially impressed me with how much he cares about chiropractic and me as a patient. Even more so, how much he wanted me (and all of his patients) to understand how the body works and the importance of a healthy spine.  Over 2-3 months I felt better, slept better, and reduced injuries during my long runs. When we did a follow up x-ray I could see visible improvements.

Matthew Stark

What I admired the most and the reason I go to Dr. Kamerz is the fact that he’s such a detailed oriented individual. He wouldn’t allow you to leave until everything is perfect and at tip to shape. This is extremely important and I believe the reason I was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon because of him. Michael

The Gohl Clinic is a top notch chiropractic facility with one of the best chiropractors I have ever experienced. I have been to many different docs over the years but Dr Kametz is by far the best. He takes time for you and explains your condition in detail and correlates with his exam and x-rays. His adjustments are precise and gentle and he never twists or uses excessive force. I would recommend this doctor to anyone looking for high quality chiropractic care in the san diego or orange county areas. Brennan Buchan

I have been seeing Dr. Kametz for three years now. Before that I had seen at least a dozen chiropractors, therapists, acupuncturists, medical doctors and anyone else who could offer me pain relief over the last dozen years. After seeing Dr. Kametz, I am so much better today than I have been in many, many years thanks to his techniques. I did construction work and drove and loaded and unloaded trucks for over 30 years and it took its toll on me. I continue his maintenance visits every 3 weeks as well as walking to keep in shape. I highly recommend Dr. Kametz to all of you whether you feel the pain or not. You deserve to feel better and your body will thank you for it. Charles