This post is for things the doctor does, or uses, day to day, that he feels help him stay healthy.  All the things listed below are non-chiropractic.  Any of the people mentioned below, he specifically uses, or has used in the past for helping him achieve his health goals.



Elaine Bryan –

Sports Therapist

Asher Graff – ART Certified –


Robert Bell, Kettlebell Expert, Trainer –


Gonstead Clinical Studies Society – – Search by city.  Please ask first.  The Doctor may know the exact person to send you to.




Bronson Sodium Ascorbate –

*Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Linus Pauling took 18,000mg of Vitamin C a day.  He recommended Bronson brand.  Ascorbic Acid is very acidic, though this is what he recommended.  Some buffer Ascorbic Acid with Sodium Ascorbate to make it non-acidic.  I use both.

Clean Chlorella –  Great for daily detox

Cold/Flu Supplementation

Call your Gonstead chiropractor and get checked for subluxation immediately!  Then . . .

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Garlic Capsules, Vitamin C – Bronson only.  Please consult a nutritionist or do your research on amounts and brands.  The Doctor uses very high amounts if he feels something coming on.  He has only found this effective with these supplements along with getting adjusted, fasting, and resting.  He has never found herbs (other than garlic) to be effective.

Healthy Living Websites

Dr. David Jockers – – Dr. Jockers is a personal friend of the doctors and when he needs advice other than chiropractic, he asks Dr. Jockers.  Use code “gohl10” to save 10% on purchases.

Dr. Josh Axe –


Search google for “paleolithic diet”

Ketogenic Diet for those that need serious help.  Start here:  Should be done with aid of a nutritionist.



For specific imaging of suspected/confirmed pathologies or extremities, please contact your Primary Care Provider.  Local imaging centers include:

Imaging Healthcare Specialists – Oceanside

3601 Vista Way #101 Oceanside, CA 92056

(760) 631-7505

Closes at 9PM

San Diego Imaging – Oceanside

3909 Waring Rd C, Oceanside, CA 92056

(760) 630-0014

Hope Imaging Center – Fallbrook

616 E Alvarado St Suite D, Fallbrook, CA 92028

(760) 645-3509

Carlsbad Imaging Center

6010 Hidden Valley Rd #125, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Phone: (760) 730-3536